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Post  River Rat on Mon 28 Jan - 5:14

I wanted to watch some of the competitions but I am unclear how the TV servers work. confused How do you know which one to go to for a particular event? scratch I couldn't login to any of them anyway. The passwords did not work. Crying or Very sad I tried the Match Live Addict TV and TMLive and all I can view is the games trailer and video of the first few events. Also I don't understand how you are supposed to wait on the TV server until your match starts. scratch I couldn't figure it out and just looked at who was on the server before I logged in and when I saw someone else I knew was in my race I joined. It was dumb luck that I didn't miss any of the warm ups. Sad
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Post  Referee7 on Mon 28 Jan - 5:33

Then there are several things that you should watch.
1. Watch what you find round after qualifying.
Example: You're in the C Series of the Coast Long track.
It will be shown here after qualifying:
Then you look at the calendar series:
You are looking for the Serie Coast of Long Track. You look at your set what time you play and what server.
Warning hours of game are times in GMT +1 so hours in France.
If your series is 20.45, you expect the server tv. TV servers are located in Texas. Example you must do your match on Server 16, you must join the server TV 16 in Texas.
You watch the series before you, at the end of the series that precedes you, you can join the server to match you warm. A referee who wrote the series will play out.

For the server information you have these two links.

If you have further questions do not hesitate to ask.


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