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Slalom-Final Empty Slalom-Final

Post  Gymno on Sun 6 Jan - 15:21


got some questions. I saw that the slalom series are canceled. Now I´m in the finals, will they be at the time which is in the calendar? On a new map or the one from the qualifications? and in what mode? rounds? timeattack? Would be nice to get some informations about how the final will be.

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Slalom-Final Empty Re: Slalom-Final

Post  Referee7 on Sun 6 Jan - 19:58

The date on the calendar is the final recorded on 13 January.
The map remains the same from beginning to end, the server remains open round mode for training.
The course of the game is noted on the home page.
Warm-free, 1 warm-up and race one run.
Other questions do not hesitate


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